Table Reservations

Please click HERE and send us a quick message letting us know how many guests are coming and at what time your party will arrive.  We will confirm your reservation by email.  Please be sure to include your preferred seating of “inside” or “outside” when making a table reservation to help expedite the simple process.  If you are looking to make a table reservation for today, please call the venue at 407-849-5200.  

Reserve a Private Area/ Larger Parties

We love large parties, because we have the perfect venue for just about any size event.  Ember has hosted over 1,200 large party events including corporate events for Audi, Microsoft, SAP, Widmer Brothers, PowerGen, Lockheed Martin and even the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year Party.  Ember is an extremely flexible venue and is perfect for just about any type of event: convention, corporate, VIP, birthday, anniversary, high school reunion, networking, bridal shower, post reception party and so much more.  

 Please send us a quick message by clicking HERE so we can learn more about your event and we’ll send you the large party information packet that includes our large party menu selections, drink packages and the venue floor plan.  We’re happy to help you with suggestions and general planning of your event at Ember.  Please share your vision with us including the name of your event, the preferred date, the start time, number of guests and any other information you may have.  We’re excited to work with you and we look forward to making your event a great one at one of Orlando’s most celebrated venues.


FAQ Regarding Events

What is the capacity of the venue?  

Ember is one of downtown’s largest venues with a capacity of 1,273 guests.  A capacity of 931 guests on the huge outdoor terrace and 342 guests in the main room.  The venue is setup in such a way that we can accommodate very large parties as well as smaller intimate gatherings.

Does Ember require a deposit for private parties?  

Smaller parties with a reserved area generally do not require a deposit.  Some larger parties with a full or partial buyout may require a deposit.

Does Ember allow outside catering?  

Ember does NOT allow outside catering to be brought into the venue.  Ember has an award winning Executive Chef and a full catering menu.  Ember does allow desserts to be brought in for large party celebrations.  We’ll even provide the plates and flatware for your cake just to make your life a little easier.

Can I decorate my reserved area for a large party?

Yes, you can decorate for your special event.  However, glitter, confetti and plastic punch-out confetti are not permitted in the venue.  We also ask that decorations are not taped to our fixtures as nearly all of our fixtures are custom made and tape can harm the finish on our fixtures.

Can I bring in a DJ or a live band for my event?

Ember only allows outside talent to be present within the venue during a partial buyout or a full venue buyout.  Outside entertainment is not permitted for parties reserving a small area  within the venue.  Ember features DJs on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  There is always music playing at the venue even when a DJ is not present.

Are guests under the age of 21 permitted in the venue?

Guests under the age of 21 are permitted in the venue until 9PM.  Ember is strictly 21 and up after 9PM.  

How many full service bars are in the venue?

Ember features FOUR (4) full service bars.  THREE (3) are located on the large outdoor terrace and ONE (1) is located in the main room.  

What kind of Audio/Video features are available for events?

Ember features THIRTEEN (13) high definition 42″ plasma TVs throughout the venue and ONE (1) large projector screen.  Ember features a built in DJ booth along with live music performance capabilities with several staging areas.  Note that live music and staging is only available during a full or partial buyout for private parties.

Many of our large party events choose to have a DVD slideshow looping during their event.  See below for a quick and easy guide to ensure your slideshow compatibility with our equipment.

  • Use a PC and select the program “Windows DVD Maker”
  • Insert your JPEG slides into the program.
  • Select “Options” in the bottom right corner.
  • Select “Play in continuous loop”
  • Burn your DVD slideshow.
  • We always recommend that you test your DVD slideshow at Ember prior to your event to ensure compatibility.

Can I bring in a PA for announcements during my event?

PA announcements during private events are permitted with prior approval from the General Manager of the venue.  Upon approval of the use of a PA system large parties may bring in a PA system.  Ember also has a small PA system that can be used during your event for a $75 usage fee.  The venue wide house PA system is included for partial or full buyout events at no charge, but may not be used for smaller parties without exclusive use.

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